GTC Silicon Valley Round Up

Posted on 04 April, 2018

GTC 18 Round-Up

Boston were once-again pleased to exhibit at GTC18 in San Jose showcasing the latest disruptive technologies to come from Boston Labs.

The event began, as usual, with a keynote from NVIDIA® Founder & CEO Jensen Huang that left the audience silently in awe after several ground-breaking product announcements. Featured in the keynote was the release of the DGX-2® and the fastest NVIDIA® Quadro card yet the GV100®, both that will be available through Boston! We also had demonstrations of our software-defined storage solution, the Flash-IO Talyn, alongside our ANNA XL which now supports 32GB Volta® GPUs. Find out the highlights from the keynote and Boston stand below.

Benchmark our solutions vs your current infrastructure in our Boston Labs!

On The Stand!

Solve your challenges with AI
In partnership with NVIDIA®, we’re running a hands-on Deep Learning Fundamentals course! This course aims to equip attendees with the skills to deploy their own Neural Network, with image classification and object detection. By the end of this introductory course, you will be able to apply your knowledge to start solving real world problems with deep learning. 

Boston were pleased to exhibit the Boston ANNA Volta XL which now supports eight NVIDIA® Tesla® 32GB Volta® GPUs!

We also displayed our Boston Flash-IO Talyn which combined Excelero’s award-winning NVMesh with the latest technologies from our other partners.

Benchmark our solutions vs your current infrastructure in our Boston Labs!


NVIDIA®’s new purpose-built solution aims to help you break through the barrier to achieving faster insights. It is the first two-petaflops system that engages 16 fully interconnected GPUs, helping businesses tackle the most complex of AI challenges.

Test the DGX-1 and DGX Station in our Boston Labs!


Described by Jensen Huang in the keynote as “the world’s first workstation GPU based on the Volta architecture", the GV100® also features the “first (processor) that has a brand-new interconnect between GPUs called NVLink2”.

These innovative features position the Quadro GV100® as NVIDIA®’s new VR-ready GPU aimed to meet the demands of next-gen Ray Tracing, AI, Simulation and enhanced workflows. Powered by NVIDIA® Volta® architecture, the GV100® delivers extreme memory capacity, scalability and performance that will give designers, architects and scientist the power to create, build and solve the impossible. 

Benchmark our solutions vs your current infrastructure in our Boston Labs!

Also, congratulations to our competition winners, Jonas and Paul, who went home with these programmable Jimu Robots!

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