Boston and Asperitas Partnership

Posted on 28 March, 2018

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Asperitas!

Initially announced at CloudFest, Boston will be working with Asperitas in the future as both companies share values of providing highly efficient, green computing and pushing the boundaries of Immersed Computing®.

Asperitas is a clean-tech company focused on greening the datacentre industry by introducing Immersed Computing®. Since launching a year ago at Cloud Expo Europe, Asperitas has recieved numerous award nominations and deployed several installations including a high density 300 KW dedicated immersed computing facility in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The partnership aims to build green datacentres as part of our overarching Go-Green plans and in line with our ISO: 14001:2015 achievements.

Founder and CEO of Asperitas Rolf Brink: “Since our R&D phase we have been working with partners and we strongly believe strategic partnerships are key to bring immersed computing to the next level. We are excited to team up with Boston, they get our technology and customers.”

"With the ever-growing debate around environmental responsibility, alongside the constant strive to increase efficiency and lower operational costs, the IT industry is having to re-evaluate its practices and approaches to problems. Since our inception 25 years ago, Boston has been at the forefront of technology working closely with strategic partners to deliver cutting edge technologies with real world benefits. Our partnership with Asperitas ushers in an exciting new chapter for our business and for our customers delivering radically improved datacentre cooling solutions coupled with intelligent energy recovery and reduced operational costs." – Managing Director, Manoj Nayee

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