Boston staff have once again put their stamp on Heartwood Forest

Posted on 23 March, 2018

Boston staff have once again put their stamp on Heartwood Forest

We recently completed our second annual outing to Heartwood Forest to plant tree saplings!

Heartwood, well-known as the largest continuous new native forest in England, is being transformed into beautiful woodlands where you can explore wildlife and relax in the peaceful, spacious grounds. As part of our carbon-offsetting initiative, two teams of volunteers braced the chilling February winds and snowy March weather to plant various tree breeds, including Oak, Ash, Chesnut, and Willow saplings.

Several base layers, hats, gloves, scarves, and snoods were needed to stay warm while digging but working hard to be green is nothing new for Boston and its employees. In addition to an extensive recycling system, cycle to work scheme and environmental policy - we also achieved an ISO 14001:2015 Standard Certificate for Environmental Management Systems! The ISO (The International Organisation of Standardisation) is an internationally accepted standard, providing a framework for effective Environment Management Systems.

Our attitude toward a sustainable future is also reflected by our longest standing partner, Supermicro, who recently opened a Green Manufacturing Facility in San Jose, CA! Powered by its own clean, fuel-cell based electricity, the site will save over $30 million in energy costs over a 10 year period when fully deployed - an estimated reduction of nearly 3 million pounds of CO2 each year, the amount of carbon sequestered by over 1,000 acres of trees - Read more here.

“It was a great day out of the office with the Boston team. As well as building team morale, volunteering for this project felt good as I know this is an area the wider community will love using for years to come” Tirell, Team Boston Volunteer.

As well as Boston employees, there were also furry volunteers digging holes!

Click here for more photos from our day or learn more about the Woodland Trust -

“We left in our wake a field of twigletts”
“We hit a numerous amount of stone that we hoped was buried treasure.”

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