Top 4 Reasons Why Windows 10 VDI Needs GPUs - Infographic

Posted on 28 February, 2018

Migrating to Windows 10 is inevitable for keeping pace with modern demands. NVIDA GRID™ helps you seamlessly transition and make the most of this new operating system resulting in happier, more productive users.

Top 4 Reasons Why Windows 10 VDI Needs GPU - eBook


Today’s modern workforce expects immersive, high-quality visuals and tremendous processing speed. These graphics requirements, plus a 2X increase in the number of applications requiring accelerated graphics, is putting new power demands on Windows 10 virtual desktops.

Learn why a VDI environment with GPUs is a must-have for any enterprise organisation.


Windows 10 VDI with NVIDIA GRID vPC - Video


The Need for Graphics Virtualisation in Modern End-User Computing Envrionments - White Paper


In this Technology Spotlight, IDC reviews the impact of the digital transformation on end user computing and the need for graphics virtualization including:

  • How the digital transformation is affecting the delivery of desktop OSs and applications.
  • The impact of the rapidly growing Windows 10.
  • The role of NVIDIA GRID™ in delivering graphics acceleration to modern workloads.


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