Introducing: Boston Quattro 12256-T "LHP Edition"

Posted on 13 November 2017

Boston Quattro 12256-T "LHP Edition"  

Liquid cooled Intel® Xeon Phi™ 2U, 4 Node server

The Boston Quattro 12256-T “LHP edition” is the 2U, 4-node server featuring the latest generation Intel® Xeon Phi processor (codenamed Knights Landing) is designed with parallelism and vectorised workloads in mind. Intel’s 2nd generation Intel® Xeon Phi Product Family, delivers massive thread parallelism, data parallelism and memory bandwidth.

In collaboration with Calyos, Boston have now developed an improved version of this server SKU by utilising their cooling solution based on LHP (Loop Heat Pipe) technology. This innovative 2-Phase cooling solution has been designed for the datacentre and provides several advantages such as improved thermals, better efficiency, lower power consumption and extended server operating temperature when compared to a standard air-cooled equivalent. 

This solution is available for testing now - enquire for more information

View the Boston Quattro 12256-T "LHP Edition" Datasheet



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