Enterprise Class Server for the Most Demanding In-Memory Applications & Databases

Posted on 01 November, 2017

Boston are pleased to announce a 7U 8-socket SuperServer® 7089P-TR4T is Supermicro’s flagship, enterprise-class, 8-socket server product optimized for Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors supporting up to 3 UPIs per socket to deliver unprecedented server performance. 
With a unique modular design for industry-leading scalability and expandability, the system can be configured to scale from 4 processors with up to 6TB of memory to 8 processors with up to 12TB of memory. To complement this level of computing performance, the 7089P-TR4T is capable of leveraging up to 41 NVMe storage devices (32 hot-swappable), 23 PCI-E 3.0 cards (or 8 double-width GPU cards).
With a multitude of configuration and deployment possibilities, the 7089P-TR4T system is the most flexible and performance optimized enterprise server for your most demanding

  • In-Memory Databases
  • Large Transactional Databases
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Mission Critical Workloads

Find out more about the system here


Tags: 7U, Supermicro, Xeon, NVMe, Scalable, 7089P-TR4T, Intel, SuperServer

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