Intel have today released their latest generation Intel Atom C3000 Series

Posted on 15 August, 2017

Intel have today released their latest generation of Atom processor, the Intel® Atom® C3000 Series (formerly codenamed Denverton).

This new range of processors are aimed at supporting a variety of devices from the low-end server and NAS appliances to emerging applications such as autonomous vehicles and IoT.
In parallel with the Intel® Atom® C3000 Series launch, Supermicro have unveiled series of products that complement the wider use cases of these latest SoCs. From network security and virtualisation to data backup, gateway and firewall applications, these new-generation systems accommodate higher memory capacities, PCI-E M.2 support, Trusted Platform Management (TPM) compatibility, and more in compact enclosure sizes with low power system design and a variety of mounting options (rackmount and wall mount).

Click here to view the range of Intel® Atom® C3000 Series compatible products

An overview of launched products:


5029A-2TN4 – mini-tower server with 9-watt Atom C3338

E200-9A – 1U Box virtualization server with 16-watt Atom C3558

5019A-FTN4 – compact 1U network security appliance with Atom C3758

E300-9A – 1U Box network security appliance with 25-watt Atom C3858

5019A-12TN4 – compact 1U network security/server appliance with Atom C3850



A2SDi-2C-HLN4F – 2-core Atom C3338 with up to 64GB memory

A2SDi-4C-HLN4F – 4-core Atom C3558 with up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDi-8C/8C+-HLN4F – 8-core Atom C3758 with up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDi-12C-HLN4F – 12-core Atom C3858 with up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDi-H-TP4F – 16-core Atom C3958 with quad 10GbE and up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDi-H-TF – 8-core Atom C3758 with dual 10GbE and up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDi-TP8F – 12-core Atom C3858, quad 10G, quad 1G, up to 64GB SODIMM, M.2

A2SDi-LN4F – 12-core Atom C3850, quad 1G, and up to 64GB SODIMM, M.2

A2SDV-8C-TLN5F – 8-core Atom C3708, quad 10G and up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDV-12C+-TLN5F – 12-core Atom C3858, quad 10G, up to 128GB memory, M.2

A2SDV-16C-TLN5F – 16-core Atom C3958, quad 10G, up to 128GB memory, M.2


MicroCloud Systems

5039MA8-H12RFT – 3U with 12 nodes, 8-core Atom C3750

5039MA16-H12RFT – 3U with 12 nodes, 16-core Atom C3955

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