When Running x86 Applications on ARM Becomes Reality

Posted on 29 August, 2013

Boston has been hard at work with partners BIOS IT and Eltechs to help develop a fast, reliable, and easy to use method for running x86 applications on the ARM-based Viridis server. Bringing x86 applications to an ARM architecture offers significant cost of ownership reductions and could particularly benefit data centre owners and cloud service providers.

Last year the Boston Viridis was the world’s first ARM-based server to be made commercially available and since launch Boston has been pushing to build on that innovation. Working with the talented and passionate people at both BIOS IT and Eltechs has resulted in the development of an exciting project designed to lower the barrier of entry for customers seeking to achieve the huge power savings available from an ARM-based infrastructure.

Eltechs’ ExaGear Server virtualisation solution has been introduced to the ARM-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform available from BIOS IT, a platform designed to give customers remote access to ARM-based hardware for experimentation prior to full investment in ARM-based hardware. Eltechs’ solution, combined with AaaS, helps ISVs run their Intel-based programmes on a Boston Viridis ARM-based infrastructure without porting or modifying the initial software, minimising up-front investment and reducing time-to-market.

The collaboration between Boston, BIOS IT, and Eltechs to add ExaGear Server to the AaaS platform allows customers to prove x86 applications run on the ARM architecture without compromising on performance or reliability, bringing widespread adoption of ARM-based enterprise infrastructures within reach.

It’s an exciting time for the ARM revolution, and you can be sure that Boston’s team of engineers will continue to forge relationships with people as dedicated to innovation as we are.  

To learn more about Boston’s Viridis server, the foundation of ARM-as-a-Service from BIOS IT, click here.

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