Boston launch media workstation based on next generation Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors

Posted on 23 July, 2013

Boston marked SIGGRAPH's 40th anniversary with an exciting announcement - the launch of our brand new Venom 2400-0T media workstation.

SIGGRAPH is the premier international event for computer graphics and interactive techniques - attended by tens of thousands of technical and creative people that get excited by computer generated visual art.

We thought SIGGRAPH was the perfect environment to launch the Venom 2400-0T, a high performance media workstation based on Supermicro Hyper-Speed Technology, packing a punch with the next generation of Intel Xeon E5-2600 series CPUs, and staying cool under pressure with CoolIT liquid CPU cooling technology. Squeezing all of this into a high performance media workstation was no easy feat, but the performance improvements of up to 30% more than make it worthwhile.

The Venom 2400-0T, which will be available to purchase from Boston in early September, is also the chosen platform for Silicon Philosophies' CINEMA CRAFT HD encoder, which is used by leading film studios (Imagion, MSM, Sony DADC, Cinehollywood, Paramount, Warner, MGM, Deluxe Digital, Pixar), broadcasters (FOX, HBO, Turner), and digital content professionals looking for an encoder that offers unique quality Blu-ray and MVC Stereoscopic results.

?We're really looking forward to seeing what multimedia professionals will do with the additional performance afforded to them by the Venom 2400-0T. Here's to pushing the boundaries of CG effects into 2014 and beyond!

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