Introducing 75x Faster Image Processing with Boston & NVIDIA

Posted on 18 July, 2013

We've been hard at work with NVIDIA to expand the use cases for our GPU accelerated Venom workstations, and we've just launched a new section of the website that's dedicated to highlighting the performance increase GPUs can bring to Geo Intelligence applications.

GPU acceleration has revolutionised image and video processing capabilities, massively improving productivity whilst lowering costs and increasing power efficiency. Luciad, supplier of geospatial situational awareness applications, recently demonstrated the performance increase available by comparing CPU only to GPU accelerated line of sight analysis. The performance is an astounding 75x faster with GPU acceleration.

Other geospatial image processing applications such as DigitalGlobe can achieve 12x faster orthoretification, whilst video processing applications from NerVve Technologies seeing 20x faster object search.

If you're looking to achieve image and video processing capabilities that were once not possible, why not contact us and register for a Tesla test-drive.

Tags: GPU, Workstations

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