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Posted on 10 April, 2013

For a limited period Boston is offering customers the opportunity to download Viking Technology’s fantastic new whitepaper: ‘The Innovation of Form and Function’. In addition to this anyone who downloads the free SSD whitepaper will be immediately entered into a prize-draw for a chance to win a brand new Amazon Kindle!

‘The Innovation of Form and Function’

Enterprise systems are undergoing disruptive changes with the introduction of new Solid State Storage (SSD) devices, and coupled with applications such as virtualization, IO bottlenecks that have long plagued enterprise computing systems are being eliminated. However, with such a varied SSD landscape of differing capacity points, performance and feature sets, how can you find the right storage solution?

In this new whitepaper by Viking Technology’s, ‘The Innovation of Form and Function’ discusses the benefits of how SATADIMM’s innovative approach enables a more efficient and cost effective solution for datacentres and high performance computing applications.

So what are you waiting for? Download your exclusive copy today and be in for a chance to win!


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