Boston Viridis ARM-based server in the media

Posted on 10 July, 2012

As predicted, Boston's innovative new Viridis server is beginning to create great levels of excitement in the IT industry!

The ultra-low powered server, based on Calxeda EnergyCore™ SOC (System On a Chip) architecture, has recently caught the attention of The Register and Anandtech, who have published the following articles:

UPDATE 24/07/2012 - press coverage is hotting up with some great new articles hitting the web:

UPDATE 01/08/2012 - press coverage continues...

Update 07/08/2012 - the latest from the press..

Update 14/08/2012 - more Viridis press coverage..

Update 23/08/2012 - continued

Update 31/08/2012 - continued...

Update 18/10/2012 - October's latest press coverage...

Update 13/03/2013 - The latest news from the new year...

Find out more about Boston's Viridis server here - a solution that uses as little as 1/10th the power of a traditional x86 server.

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