Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler wins Hi Tech Legion Gold Award

03 August 2011    Source:
Hi Tech Legion Gold Award

The Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler sports a very interesting and unique V-Shaped design which allows it to channel more air directly and evenly over the cooler's heat pipes.

Read the review to find out why the Zalman CNPS11X Extreme CPU Cooler has recently won the Hi Tech Legion Gold Award.

The Zalman CNPS 11X CPU Cooler performed well under all conditions, keeping temps very low at idle and well within limits under load...

...Using the Zalman CNPS 11X CPU Cooler, we were able to achieve a 4.4Ghz overclock on the Phenom II 980BE while still keeping it within safe thermal limits...

...The Zalman CNPS 11X Extreme has cool factor, there is no questioning that. You take it out of the box, and it definitely sparks curiosity and a "this thing is really cool" reaction...

...Everything, from the mirror polish on the cooling block, to the black pearl coating, to the nicely impressed plastic covers, is done with an obvious commitment to quality...

...The Zalman CNPS 11X Extreme took everything I could throw at it, kept it cool and did it quietly...

...There is no disputing that the Zalman CNPS 11X is an absolutely top notch performer, and the fact that it did it as quietly as it did was shocking...

...As far as cooling, the Zalman CNPS 11X Extreme is neck and neck with the best performing coolers I have ever benchmarked...

...The CNPS 11X also happens to be one of the quietest coolers I have ever tested, and it does it weighing in 300-400gr less...

...Once it is installed, the Zalman CNPS 11X Extreme brings a combination of cooling and silence I have never seen before, and in this light is definitely a top pick.

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