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ViridisBoston ARM-as-a-Service

Presenting the World's first ARM Cloud dedicated to facilitating software migration to the ARM platform.

The Boston ARM-as-a-Service Cloud has been designed specifically to ease the transition of moving or migrating your software to an ARM platform. Our service comes fully preconfigured ready to use with all the usual development tools plus advanced profiling and tracing software from Ellexus.

The Boston ARM-as-a-Service cloud is available under 3 access tiers:

  • Dedicated access to Ubuntu/Fedora with development tools preinstalled

    Your ARM micro-server will come with your preferred flavour of Linux pre-installed. The distributions provided have released ARM builds of most popular utilities and compilers with a comprehensive repository of pre-built tools (inc gcc, llvm, etc). Ubuntu and Fedora already have 20,000+ applications and libraries readily available to be install via apt-get/yum.

  • Access with advanced porting and tracing tool Breeze, from Ellexus

  • Access with all the tools plus professional services and training on how to use the porting and tracing software from Ellexus.

    Accelerate the time spent porting you software by making the most efficient use of our tools. Get fully trained up on using the tools by our team of application experts.

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