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Supermicro SuperBlade


SuperBlade offers many unique advantages that differentiate it from competitors' blade products and traditional rack-mount solutions. Customer benefits include maximum affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability - and in most applications, blade servers even reduce acquisition costs.

While current Tier 1 blade suppliers only offer general-purpose blade servers, the SuperBlade technology is fully optimized for a wide array of mission-critical and compute-intensive applications. With in-house design engineering agility to accommodate customer needs rapidly, SuperBlade revolutionizes modular computing architecture by offering several advanced application-optimized models such as Enterprise Blade Server, Data Center Optimized Blade, Workstation Blade and Personal Blade.

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Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720E-R75
Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720E-R75
Item #: SBE-720E-R75 
Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720D-R75
Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720D-R75
Item #: SBE-720D-R75 
Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720E-D50
Supermicro SuperBlade Enclosure SBE-720E-D50
Item #: SBE-720E-D50 
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