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In our 24 years of business we have continued to lead the way in offering the latest high performance technologies into the HPC, enterprise and broadcast marketplace with our award winning range of server, storage, workstation, rendering and clustered solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of validated platforms for use with leading applications from vendors such as Citrix, Open-E, Stormagic and a wide variety of Linux and Microsoft based solutions.

Our solutions are designed to ensure flexibility, integrity and blistering performance whilst at the same time providing excellent value for money with no compromises made in terms of product quality, design and functionality.

Within the industry we are uniquely placed in that we have over 24 years of experience in the building, testing and manufacturing of custom-built high-performance solutions to meet your exact needs combined with the ability to turn around a fully bespoke platform including customer branding, documentation and packaging.

Our knowledgeable sales and engineering teams are regularly trained on the latest industry developments and offer genuine expertise on the latest technologies and roadmap information on emerging future technologies.

All considerations such as headroom for system expansion, price, power consumption and performance are taken into account when we advise you on what hardware you are looking to implement. We can also arrange for onsite meetings to discuss your exact needs in addition to taking a detailed look at the existing IT infrastructure you have in place to ensure compatibility and a quick and easy migration across to our solutions.

As organisations are being put under increased pressure to adopt the latest in performance and power saving technologies, increased R&D costs and project/product turn around times can be significant barriers if you are looking to increase your value proposition to your clients and relevant channels. We enable you to make informed decisions by providing you with lead evaluation samples in addition to offering the use of our R&D facilities to test the performance and integrity of the latest technologies before any purchases are made.

Recent Articles

Boston Launches Deep Learning Test Drives Powered by NVIDIA Tesla P100s
Boston Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the Boston NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU test drive as part of their participation at SC16.
14 November 2016
World's first Lustre* SFF solution makes its SC debut
Boston announces its Lustre* SFF (small form factor) solution - the dataScaler-L as part of its exhibit at SC 2016.
11 November 2016
Boston's Quattro 12256-T with up to 288 x86 cores arrives at SC
Boston is pleased to announce that the Boston Quattro 12256-T, containing the latest generation Intel Xeon Phi processor will be on display at SC 2016.
10 November 2016
Introducing the Igloo Plus - Ice, 2U All-Flash Appliance with 600K Sustained IOPS
As part of its exhibition at SC 2016, Boston Limited will introduce its latest all-flash solution featuring FlexiRemap flash-management technology.
10 November 2016
Boston Venom 2501-0P
3D World took the Venom 2501-0P for a spin and were wowed by what they found. Read more here…
28 October 2016

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