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White paper: Revolutionising the data centre

With application-specific servers based on ARM processors

Web giants such as Google and Facebook are inching towards the Arctic Circle, building their latest data centres in countries such as Finland and Sweden to cope with the exponential demand for their Internet services. What was forbidden terrain for agriculture and manufacturing is now home to power hungry server farms that not only need sustainable sources of energy, but an extremely cold climate to chill servers.

If you’re not quite ready to relocate way up north, is there an alternative solution?

Boston’s own server based on ARM processors – the Viridis – is an innovative new, ultra-low power solution based on Calxeda ARM® EnergyCore™ SOC (System on a chip) processors.

With 48 nodes available in a 2U enclosure this ultra efficient new platform can provide for up to 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack while consuming less than one tenth the power that many of today's processors use. Designed and built exclusively for the server market Viridis has been optimized to provide data centre performance whilst consuming power comparable to a mobile device; ensuring customers are provided with industry-leading power, space and cost savings.

Other key features of the Viridis solution include:

  • 48 nodes per 2U
  • > 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack
  • Equivalent to 300 Eight Core Xeon processors
  • 90% power savings over traditional platforms
  • 24 drives supported and housed in the same enclosure

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